We're alive! Really!

Oh hi, do you guys still remember us?

We've no proper excuses for not updating other than being lazy (except I wrote a book and did my thesis while working a full time job and Maiju has been doing something that has to do with her studies).

To be quite honest, we've made very little progress with anything WCS-related. We do have one set of costumes finished (Maiju will be uploading photos of her movie!Utena sometime later this week) but that's about it. We're going shopping for fabrics next week so yay. Progress!

The fabrics we're shopping for will be for Itch and Bitch, the very appropriately and respectfully nicknamed characters from the new season of Last Exile.

Luscinia aka. Itch, Maiju's character

Solush aka. Bitch, Elina's very masculine and not-at-all-colour-blind character

It's less than two weeks until Desucon Frostbite, a presumably awesome con in Lahti (the very gray and boring town I grew up in!). We're going as Utena and Dios, so photos are to be expected!

So yeah. Be nice and wear a seatbelt while driving!

- Elina

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