Utena-photoshoot pt. 1

Trying to be productive, so have another update! I've been meaning to write this entry for about two months and I finally managed to kick myself up to do this.
..or I might just confess I'm just sick and there's little I can do in this condition, so I'll just post some photos.

Utena and Dios (Adolescence of Utena) are one set of our WCS-costumes (not quite sure if we'll go with press or parade, but we'll see), and we hope to have a photoshoot at Desucon Frostbite in a few weeks so that we finally manage to get some photos of both of us. It's a damn lot harder than you'd think!

These were taken at the beginning of November and there was a lot of teeth rattling and laying frozen on the ground involved due to lovely weather conditions of Finland (more moments when I truly did not love this hobby). Photos were taken by YumiKoyuki.

So there! More photos coming in a few weeks with both of us in them. I hope. :D


3 kommenttia:

  1. The weather is always your worst enemy when it comes to photoshoots, I think.
    That said, these are brilliant pictures!

  2. Eewi *, thank you! :D

    Cecil, damn the northern climate! Though yes, cosplay-wise weather pretty much always sucks, whether it rains or not. And thanks, I'll let the photographer know! :>