Off to WCS 2012

So, we haven't updated since January! Apologies for our downtime, we have been working on our costumes and going to conventions in Finland. Mostly. Though it feels like we just took part in the preliminaries few months ago, our flight for Japan leaves tomorrow. There is lots of panic going on here but we are also damn excited, and we thought it might be appropriate to let everyone know our costume choices! Not that it's last minute or anything. If you have read our blog and/or followed our Facebook page you probably already know what our costumes are, but here goes:
We wore Utena & Dios in October 2011 in CosplayGaala, and they will be our parade costumes. Heat stroke, welcome!

Luscinia & Soroush were first worn in June 2012 at Desucon, unfortunately we haven't managed to put any photoshoot material here. We'll do that hopefully later.

Aand our stage/finale costumes are Okuninushi & Raidou Kuzunoha from Devil Summoner. Something old, something new!

We'll let you know our whereabouts in Japan via Facebook, follow us there if you're interested! We'll be staying in Japan until August 14th, and I promise to update this blog after we're back in Finland and as soon as the jetlag wears off. :D See you either in a weeks or in Japan! -Maiju