Who is who: Elina

Hey guys!

Introductory posts are always super awkward so let's just get this over and done with.

We're the people representing Finland (Which is a European country, right in between Sweden and Russia but not belonging to either for almost a hundred years! We're independent, dammit!) in the 2012 Cosplay World Championships also known as The World Cosplay Summit also known as WCS. The abbreviation shall henceforth be used when referring to the event.

Cu Chulainn & Okuninushi (Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner) after the WCS selection, photo by JamFoot

The geek typing this right now is me. Hi. I'm the shorter one (on the left) who, according to the official WCS blog, is looking forward to going to Japan just to eat. This is not true. I was just hungry and stunned when answering the questions. Although I do like sushi.

My name is Elina, by the way. Apparently my nick is Rimppu, which it is, but if you're not Finnish, you shouldn't even try pronouncing that. It's a name my elementary school teacher came up with and has something to do with my last name. It is also, apparently, a very common name for a horse.

On the interwebs I have been known as fokushii since 2002, which is a name my best friend came up with (it's a teenaged otaku version of my even lamer then-nick Foxie).
So I'm either a horse or a weeaboo fox. Awesome.

Rainbow Ranger in 2006, photo by *skatanic

I've been cosplaying since 2004 and my character choices can usually be described as "flamboyant", "tacky", "cheesy", "wtf" or "gay". Sometimes all of the above. Well, pretty often, actually.

I usually end up falling in love with series no one has ever even heard of and then whining loudly when no one recognizes my costumes. My life is hard, I know.

My craftmanship skills are in no way magically amazing but I love making costumes, regardless. I'm especially good with shoes. Shoes are awesome.

Willy (from Romeo x Juliet) in 2010, photo by Tomi Väisänen

For some reason I ended up hosting a masquerade in 2007 and have since been the MC at ten (or so) different events/masquerades. Nowadays I'm semi-retired and only do one gig a year. See how I made it sound like people are bombarding me with requests to come and host their masquerades? They're not. Really.

I study journalism, am currently working at a broadcasting company making online videos, spend eleven days each year watching movies at the Helsinki Film Festival, love my flesh eating cichlids (they're not really flesh eating but they try) and slightly retarded budgies (they're not retarded, they're just budgies, which is, initially, the same thing) and want a dog (a yellow lab, her name shall be Hildegård Marygold aka. Hilde).

I vlog about cosplay @ RECosplay (only in Finnish atm) and hang out @ dA & Cosplay.com

If there is something I forgot, please ask. I probably won't answer, but you can ask anyway.

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